I had another blog, for restricted view, which I never really publicised.  I used it as the basis to drop periodic thoughts.  But it became stodgy, and woolly, and rather introspective and self-aware.  I stopped it in 2011.

In October 2012 I started writing the occasional comment piece for Gay Star News.  They seemed to quite like a “writer” who could bring my kind of perspective to things, or maybe they were just being kind.

At the same time I was coming to the end of a year where loads of people seemed to have asked me about standing for Parliament in 2015.  I won’t deny that there is a certain attraction to that idea – if only I was prepared to commit myself to a political party.  It has seemed to me for a long time that we need a level of independence (and independents) in Parliament.

I’ve thought for a while about resuming a blog, this time specifically aimed at a wider public audience.  And after yet another conversation, this time with a leading Italian gay politician, I’ve decided to launch myself on an unsuspecting world.  Mind you, it’s a world which has now seen me and heard me and read me – so maybe it shouldn’t be quite so unsuspecting.

Despite being known for a particular physical characteristic, one that is often used to unnecessarily limit so many people, I actually have views on a wide variety of issues.  So view this as a kind of manifesto in development – as that’s the other media trope that really frustrates me, the idea that you should never change your mind.


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  1. Good luck on your voyage, you have our support 🙂

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