Guardians of Something or Other

At the start of this week I sent out emails to those who had lodged cases on the TransDocFail survey that the GMC were interested in investigating.

It does appear that some people are intending to pursue this path, and equally that some of those same people are terrified by it.

However yesterday evening I received an email thanking me for mine, and explaining that the reason they weren’t going to pursue their case was because they didn’t want the press attention.  The recent furore over trans pieces in the press had reinforced their view.

So, rather than a potentially abusive doctor being investigated (and, having re-read the allegation, it is definitely a story of abuse), the press scores another victory in its pursuit of the truth.

Or something like that.


One comment

  1. An excellent achievement Helen and one that is long overdue. The witnesses used against Russell Reid at the GMC where all granted anonymity even though at least one had already been featured in several David Batty articles.

    “Paul Rowe” appeared in the following article in 2004:

    But in 2007, it was discovered at the GMC that Rowe never detransitioned and is in fact legally female. The Guardian have ignored my complaints about these stories about Rowe – who was known as “patient b” – and was considered not to have suffered harm in the final verdict about Reid – remaining on the website without being corrected.

    They have no respect for truth …

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