Monthly Archives: July 2013

Trans People – Not Quite Human?

It would have been almost 10 years ago now that I stood on a railway bridge and pondered my future.  The thing that kept me from jumping then was a belief that I had some innate worth as a human being – that it would be better for me to be alive than dead.  At […]

Come On, You Must Celebrate

So now it’s law – same-sex marriages will be legal. Up and down the land lesbian and gay couples are rejoicing – and rightly so.  But I can’t muster up the enthusiasm for joining in. In March 2011 I spoke with Lynne Featherstone who explained to me her plans for bringing forward equal marriage so […]

Spousal Consent – Again…

The latest amendment to the same sex marriage bill by government on spousal consent attempts to explain exactly what the consent is for – namely, consent “to the marriage continuing after the issue of a full gender recognition certificate”.  In doing so, they once again spectacularly miss the point. Irrespective of what the spouse is […]