Monthly Archives: September 2014

An Intentional Stramash?

Once again I’m wondering whether David Cameron’s swithering is an act that is designed to play into his, or at least the Conservative’s, hands. The Scottish independence referendum received a jolt when a poll put Yes in the lead. That the gap had narrowed was beyond doubt. The Westminster establishment seemed to panic, and various […]

Yes to Independence, But…

When I heard the news of the YouGov poll on Scottish independence at the weekend, the one which showed Yes in the lead for the first time, an unexpected, sudden rush of emotions ran through me. The predominant one was actually sadness. I believe that the decision on Scottish independence has to be for those […]

Stonewall and the Changing Landscape

Photo copyright Fox Fisher A fair amount has been written already about Saturday’s meeting between Stonewall and 50 or so trans people. My goal in writing this is not to simply restate what’s already been said about the positivity and the options, and also the issues around diversity, but to start looking at how things […]