TransDocFail Findings

It’s taken quite a while for me to find the time to go through the allegations of medical abuse logged in the UK’s TransDocFail survey. The preliminary findings are, at last, here – TransDocFail Findings.

In reading them, it’s important to realise that the “survey” was never intended to provide quantitative analysis. Instead, it was designed from the outset to be a means of capturing data to substantiate allegations. It was recognised that many trans people found it hard to raise complaints about their treatment, a fact substantiated by the analysis, and so a level of anonymisation needed to be provided.

The survey remains active, and its purpose remains the same. It was only yesterday that I realised that complaints relating to 2014 couldn’t be uploaded – that should now be fixed, and I’ll try to remember to do this when 2015 comes round.

The statistics are still subsidiary to the main purpose of the survey. However, some findings are, perhaps, of interest:

  • Complaints about GP practices (be they about GPs themselves, or other staff in the practice) are still the largest category.
  • The vast majority of complainants do not trust complaints procedures – something that the GMC won’t have helped with after their initial expression of interest appears to have resulted in no action whatsoever.
  • Over half the complaints about GPs and gender-related services are to do with a refusal to treat or refer, something that at face value is in complete defiance of the GMC’s own Good medical practice guide.

It should be noted that I’ve not attempted to determine whether the allegation would meet the threshold for it to be investigated, let alone upheld. But I have found some of the GMC’s decisions in this area surprising, so perhaps it’s better not to try?


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