Monthly Archives: April 2015

Misrepresentations – Today’s Story

The news this morning contained the snippet that 5,000 small businesses had expressed their support for the Conservative Party’s policies in a letter published on the front page of the Daily Telegraph. A little thought emerged – how did they get the names? So I decided to check and was amazed to find that my Sales […]

Response to a “Christian think-tank”

A family friend, whose teenage child has recently said they are trans, contacted me over the weekend because their child had been sent a piece saying that trans was really a delusion. Needless to say, the piece originated from a right-wing Christian “think tank” who also oppose same-sex marriage (or, it seems, any same-sex relationships […]

Debates and Lazy Stereotypes

It was only a matter of time. In the three days from Easter Sunday on the BBC, Louis Theroux documented the lives of some Californian trans children, Victoria Derbyshire traced two British trans children, and Radio 4’s PM programme raised issues about how schools deal (or don’t deal) with trans issues. So it was only […]

The Framework Created by Media

In the middle stages of an incredibly long, drawn-out general election campaign, it can be interesting to reflect on the media’s role. In the early part of Trans Media Watch’s Leveson evidence, we quoted Gray Cavendar – the media helps us “to define what we think about, what we see as problems and the solutions […]