PRESS RELEASE – Helen Belcher re-selected by Chippenham Lib Dems



Friday 13 April 2018

Helen Belcher was re-selected as the Liberal Democrats’ prospective parliamentary candidate for Chippenham at a packed meeting in Melksham on Thursday evening.

Over 100 party members crowded into the pavilion in King George V Park to hear three strong candidates express their views on international relations, local issues and party policy. Helen won the subsequent vote with an overwhelming majority.

Helen, who fought the seat in the 2017 General Election, said “It is a huge honour and privilege to represent the party in Chippenham again. The next general election campaign starts now, and it’s great to have an energised local party who are ready for action. Conservative cuts are decimating both our local services and our NHS and schools. Both Conservatives and Labour have moved to extreme positions. It’s time to reassert a clear, strong Liberal voice in Parliament.”

Cllr Pat Aves, the constituency party’s chair, said “We’re really pleased to have Helen as our candidate again. She did an excellent job last time and we are hopeful for even better things to come. The interest from local party members has been tremendous.”

Baroness Brinton, president of the Liberal Democrats, said “I’m really pleased to see Helen re-selected. She fought a strong campaign last time and I know she will stand up for Chippenham.”




Helen Belcher was first selected as the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Chippenham in July 2016, and was the party’s candidate in the 2017 General Election where she held second place with 26% of the vote.

Apart from former MP Sarah Olney, who was defending a by-election win in Richmond Park, Helen had the best result in the country of any Liberal Democrat who had joined the party since the 2015 General Election. Chippenham remains in the top 35 of Liberal Democrat target seats in the country.

Helen gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry in 2012, as well as parliamentary inquiries in 2015 and 2017. She is currently the chair of the LGBT Consortium, a national infrastructure charity working with hundreds of charities in the LGBT sector. She is also the managing director of Aurum Solutions Ltd, a company she founded in 2004.

The Chippenham Liberal Democrats now have over 400 members, as well as 10 Wiltshire councillors in the Chippenham constituency.


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