It’s Women’s Problem Now

I have just written to my MP regarding the apparent proposal on the front page of today’s Sunday Times – that “protections will be offered to safeguard female-only spaces, including refuges and public lavatories, to stop them being used by those with male anatomy.” I also copied in Marsha de Cordova, Anne McLaughlin and Christine Jardine as the equalities leads for the opposition parties.

I urge you to write in a similar vein. This is no longer just an issue for trans people. It is an issue for all women, no matter how you get there.

My letter follows.

I’m writing to you with regards to what I understand to be the Government’s direction on women’s safe spaces, as reported as the main story in today’s Sunday Times.

I am highly concerned that this Government is about to make it harder for every woman to live in the UK.

While everyone needs safe spaces, the Government seems to be proposing that only those with appropriate genitalia can use women’s facilities. How would this be policed? How would my wife, my daughter or I prove our right to use the ladies loo? Who do we prove it to, and at what cost? Why does this proposal single out trans women for exceptional treatment if the problem is men?

I urge you to halt this awful, discriminatory proposal in its tracks.


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