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We Don’t Need No Thought Control

In today’s Guardian, there is a piece featuring the head of the Dragon School in Oxford who is condemning the way the state sector is only assessed on academic performance. Management by levels of progress. I’ve been a governor at my nearest state secondary school for over 6 years. I’ve chaired the governors’ teaching and […]

Select Committee Report on Trans Issues

After the General Election in May, many trans activists were looking at the prospect of defending rights and progress for 5 years in the teeth of what, at face value, appeared as though it was going to be an insensitive, unaware and potentially callous Conservative Government. Yet today, just 7 months later, a Conservative-led Commons […]

Education – Utopian or Utilitarian?

One of my many roles in society is that of a secondary school governor, and we had our regular half-termly meeting yesterday afternoon. Secondary schools are set targets based on a number of criteria, including attendance, exclusions and quality of teaching, but the main ones are based on grades students attain at GCSE by the […]