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What the heck happens now?

The result of the poll on 23 June is undeniable if narrow. The (small) majority of voters want the United Kingdom out of the European Union. But it has become glaringly obvious that there was simply no plan if the Brexit campaign won. I’ve been trying to think of the possible options from this point […]

Dissonance, not EUphoria

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. This, apparently, was the time Britain was great. If I was asked to describe my memories, in colour I would say predominantly brown, unreliable and slightly scary. The 70s was the decade that style forgot. We had power cuts, shortages of things like sugar in shops, and […]

Not in my name, Mr Cameron

It can be difficult for those of us with comfortable middle class lives to understand what compels people to leave their homes and flee to other places. The answer is usually discrimination – whether that’s because of war and you’re the wrong tribe, or because of a characteristic that those around you deem wrong. Sometimes […]

An Intentional Stramash?

Once again I’m wondering whether David Cameron’s swithering is an act that is designed to play into his, or at least the Conservative’s, hands. The Scottish independence referendum received a jolt when a poll put Yes in the lead. That the gap had narrowed was beyond doubt. The Westminster establishment seemed to panic, and various […]