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TransDocFail Findings

It’s taken quite a while for me to find the time to go through the allegations of medical abuse logged in the UK’s TransDocFail survey. The preliminary findings are, at last, here – TransDocFail Findings. In reading them, it’s important to realise that the “survey” was never intended to provide quantitative analysis. Instead, it was […]

Guardians of Something or Other

At the start of this week I sent out emails to those who had lodged cases on the TransDocFail survey that the GMC were interested in investigating. It does appear that some people are intending to pursue this path, and equally that some of those same people are terrified by it. However yesterday evening I […]

#TransDocFail Part 1

As I was walking out of the Trans Health Matters conference this afternoon, one doctor looked at me and asked “what are you doing to us, Helen?” I’d just delivered a presentation about the TransDocFail phenomenon (which was quickly pushed out of the news by the furore over Julie Burchill’s article) and had given a […]