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Spousal Consent – Again…

The latest amendment to the same sex marriage bill by government on spousal consent attempts to explain exactly what the consent is for – namely, consent “to the marriage continuing after the issue of a full gender recognition certificate”.  In doing so, they once again spectacularly miss the point. Irrespective of what the spouse is […]

Won’t Anyone Think of the Children?

Even after the same sex marriage bill gained its second reading by a thumping majority in the House of Lords yesterday, a number of views that oppose the bill are still getting airtime.  Amongst these is Baroness Knight, who introduced the now infamous Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988.  This morning, on BBC […]

Spousal Veto and Annulment

Let’s unpack a couple of the issues from yesterday a bit more. Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, Clause 12(h) Just to remind you, this allows an annulment of a marriage if someone discovers their spouse has a gender recognition certificate (GRC) but didn’t tell them beforehand. The Minister’s response yesterday was, basically, that such people needed […]

Trans People – do we have Cooties?

Just under 3 hours ago the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill gained its third reading in the House of Commons with a majority of 205. While this Bill removes a huge issue for married trans people in terms of them seeking gender recognition, and the Government has “conceded” on another big issue which was threatening […]