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Passports for Health

On Monday the Department of Health’s most senior civil servant suggested that patients for scheduled surgeries in hospitals could be asked to provide their passport in order to prove they shouldn’t be charged. This is in response to a possible total of around £200 million (the figures seem to be intentionally vague) which has been […]

Commons Committee Points Scoring

The Women and Equalities Select Committee hearing this morning was concentrating on women in politics and the various measures the political parties were taking to improve the number of women in parliament. As a prospective parliamentary candidate myself, and a female one at that, it’s a subject of specific interest to me. It was surprising, […]

The Toxicity of the Liberal Democrats

I’ve just returned from my first ever party conference. I wrote before about why I joined the Lib Dems, and was fortunate enough to be able to state from the main platform the reason. But it is obvious that the Lib Dems are still seen as traitors for enabling illiberal legislation to be voted through. […]

The Perils of Losing Voters’ Trust

Knowing my interest in all things electoral, my father-in-law gave me a book about social influences on voting behaviour at Christmas. Called Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box, it has a series of short chapters touching on specific aspects. While in Ireland last weekend I read the chapter on how emotions are tied up with […]