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Twitterstorms, Inaccuracies and Press Ethics

The Daily Express, for example, is outside of the Press Complaints Commission’s remit.  So what do you do if they publish an inaccurate story, like the one about the costs of treating two trans prisoners approaching £100,000?  Well, you phone them up, like Jane Fae says she did. The paper wasn’t interested in correcting things.  […]

The End of The World?

Do you hear the klaxons sound, warning of the sky falling in?  No?  Because, if you believe the press right now, one of our greatest liberties, the freedom of the press, has been frittered away by a cosy late-night deal between Hacked Off and senior politicians from all main parties, and approved by a vengeful […]

Leveson – Filters and Failures

The Prime Minister today surprisingly pulled out of cross-party talks over implementation of the Leveson Report.  His resistance to statutory underpinning, unknown until Leveson actually reported, seems to have become core to his being. Stapling himself to cries of “freedom of the press” (which, as David Allen Green pointed out in his evidence to the […]