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Stopping Brexit – Referendum or General Election?

Over recent months the People’s Vote campaign has gained some considerable momentum, with polls in August and September indicating that slightly more people now want a referendum on the final Brexit deal than don’t. The talk today has been whether the Labour Party will swing behind this (some of the unions already have) or whether […]

The Toxicity of the Liberal Democrats

I’ve just returned from my first ever party conference. I wrote before about why I joined the Lib Dems, and was fortunate enough to be able to state from the main platform the reason. But it is obvious that the Lib Dems are still seen as traitors for enabling illiberal legislation to be voted through. […]

I’m not a member of the Labour Party, but…

Opposition politics has suddenly become interesting. A couple of hundred thousand people have flocked to the Labour Party since the election, seemingly attracted by the prospect of electing Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader of the party. The prospect of this independently-minded left-winger suddenly being elected to serve as the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition […]

Oppositions don’t win Elections – Governments Lose Them

This long election campaign seems to have continued the process of tribalising British politics. The social media age encourages us to surround ourselves with views we like and shut out voices we don’t. This feedback loop reinforces our belief that we are right, and insulates us from other opinions. The vast majority of the de-politicised […]

An Intentional Stramash?

Once again I’m wondering whether David Cameron’s swithering is an act that is designed to play into his, or at least the Conservative’s, hands. The Scottish independence referendum received a jolt when a poll put Yes in the lead. That the gap had narrowed was beyond doubt. The Westminster establishment seemed to panic, and various […]