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Royal Society for the Arts speech

On Monday evening I was invited to speak at the Royal Society for the Arts. My co-panellists were Linda Riley (publisher of Diva Magazine) and Tunde Ogungbesan (Head of Diversity at the BBC). My speech follows: Let me start with a borrowed quote – “Mass media is perhaps the most powerful tool in the world […]

Debates and Lazy Stereotypes

It was only a matter of time. In the three days from Easter Sunday on the BBC, Louis Theroux documented the lives of some Californian trans children, Victoria Derbyshire traced two British trans children, and Radio 4’s PM programme raised issues about how schools deal (or don’t deal) with trans issues. So it was only […]

The Framework Created by Media

In the middle stages of an incredibly long, drawn-out general election campaign, it can be interesting to reflect on the media’s role. In the early part of Trans Media Watch’s Leveson evidence, we quoted Gray Cavendar – the media helps us “to define what we think about, what we see as problems and the solutions […]